You have bought the house of your dreams, but do you know what your obligations are from now on?

You have bought the house of your dreams, but do you know what your obligations are from now on?

You have bought the house of your dreams, but do you know what your obligations are from now on?

In this article we'll clarify your doubts.

Procedures to carry out after buying a second-hand home:

1. Tax settlement

Property Transfer Tax: for second-hand properties, 10% in Catalonia, unless the buyer is under 32 years of age and it is the first main residence, in which case 5% is paid (with certain restrictions) e.g. income less than EUR 30,000 per year).

2. Register the property in the Land Registry and present the relevant documents, such as a certificate proving that the taxes have been paid, the deed documents and the final IBI receipt.

Once the documents have been sent to the registrar, the ownership of the property will be modified and it will be incorporated into the property registry within approximately fifteen days.

In most cases, in the regions where we work, the notary debits the client and takes care of the process.

3. The change of ownership for the payment of the municipal tax can be made in person at the town hall, presenting a simple copy of the property title, ID and bank receipt for the payment of the IBI and garbage collection.

4. Registration as a new owner in the housing supply costs (electricity, water, internet, etc.).

5. In the case of bungalows or semi-detached houses belonging to neighboring communities, you must contact the president of the community and inform him of his account number so that the corresponding community expenses can be charged there.

6. If the pool, the garden, the house need maintenance, or if you want to contract a service for your house, such as insurance or an alarm, it is recommended that you do so as soon as possible.

We take care of all these paperwork, some of which are included in our general selling expenses. Contact us for more information.

Remember to save all documents in case you want to sell your house in the future!

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