Home Staging

Home Staging

Home Staging

What is Home Staging and why it is important

As we all know, there is no second chance to make a first impression! When it comes to buying a house, we are not buying real estate, but a project for the future, a lifestyle, and housing has to provoke positive emotions.

It is especially important for second-hand homes. They have already been the scene of other lives, but new buyers have to be able to imagine their own future in this environment. They are more likely to do so if they see an empty canvas on which to paint their projects, and this is easier if the house does not reflect too much of the personality of the previous owners.

When we speak of an empty canvas, we do not mean “empty house”. It does have to have a certain style that corresponds to the type of home and its environment, but one has to be very careful with the details. The details usually have to be the bare minimum so as not to prevent the potential buyers from visualising their own home in this house.

On the other hand, updating the space is also very important. Old homes with tired appearance produce the repellent effect. There are visionary buyers who are specifically looking for homes like this, so they can renovate from scratch, but most don't have this ability. Also, this affects the price. Sometimes, just a few changes are sufficient to achieve the desired effect (and price) without spending much.

If we talk about Home Staging, it is mainly about changes that do not involve works, or in other words, a facelift. Sometimes a coat of paint may be needed to freshen up the look of the home or neutralize overly strong colours that reflect a lot of character but are not appreciated by most buyers.

Done the main thing, there are some keys to setting the space that is as attractive as possible for as many people as possible.

1. Details. We've said that the details don't have to be too personal, but we do need them. The details not only make you fall in love, but also take attention away from the undesirable. You can buy them new or take advantage of existing material, but as long as they are few, chosen with taste and never garish.

Among the details that cost little, but provide a lot of freshness, are paintings and textiles. Plants also bring a sense of life and good vibes.

Personal effects have to be gone or kept to a minimum to help buyers imagine themselves starting their new life project in a new space.

2. Another important aspect to take care of is colours. Light tones bring light, while neutral colours calm the environment.

3. Order and good organization are also essential. The surfaces and spaces have to be clear, with few carefully chosen details to enhance the feeling we want to convey.

What do we achieve with a good Home Staging?

Well, potential buyers will have an easier time imagining the home as the setting for their own future project. The neutrality of the spaces will help them fill in the gaps with their own ideas, while the right details will make them fall in love.

All this will contribute to the sale being made in less time and at a higher price.

We have a lot of experience in Home Staging and we will be happy to assess your home and give you a price quote without obligation.

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