How to choose the best gas contract for your new home

How to choose the best gas contract for your new home

How to choose the best gas contract for your new home

Discovering the keys to selecting the most appropriate and economical gas option for your home

As the winter period progresses, the coldest season of the year, concerns arise among many consumers regarding gas bills, which tend to increase significantly in various parts of the country during this time.

In recent years, most citizens have faced a widespread increase in the costs of the fuels used to heat their homes. As this concern continues to grow among consumers, in this article, from Selectra, we will explore the options available in the gas energy market, with the aim of helping users to reduce spending on bills without compromise comfort in their homes.

Options available in the natural gas market

When managing a gas contract, you have the option of choosing between two different categories in the energy field: the free market or the regulated market. The fundamental difference between these two markets lies in the fact that in the free market a large group of companies compete with each other, while in the regulated market, a small group of companies offer the same conditions to all users.

The differences between the two options are described below:

The free market, what characteristics does it have?

The free gas market is characterized by the participation of numerous companies that compete with each other to provide the most competitive gas rates to their customers. Its aim is to attract a greater number of users, which results in a wide variety of rates offered by the different companies in this market. The diversity of offers in terms of gas rates gives consumers the possibility of finding the option that best suits their consumption needs.

The regulated market, what characteristics does it have?

In the regulated gas market, the main feature is the possibility to exclusively contract a rate, called the TUR gas rate, regardless of the selected marketer. All companies offer the same contractual conditions, which are regulated by the government.

Setting the price of gas in the regulated market is the responsibility of the government, which holds natural gas auctions every three months. During these auctions, supply and demand for gas converge, and prices are set.

In this regulated market, only a small group of companies, known as reference marketers, operate. These companies provide uniform conditions for all consumers.

The main features of the TUR gas tariff are:

All consumers are subject to the same contractual conditions.
The marketers do not have the power to impose additional clauses or periods of permanence.
Only the mentioned few companies can provide these services.
The maximum annual consumption limit allowed for consumers is 50,000 kWh.

Users who are interested in this rate must contact one of the companies offering it, as is the case with Energia XXI. For example, through the Energia XXI phone, you can request the activation of this supply under the TUR rate.

Thermal social bonus, what is it and what benefits does it bring?

The social gas voucher was introduced by the Government from 2018 with the aim of supporting the most vulnerable consumers with the costs associated with heating, cooking and hot water in their homes, regardless of the type of fuel used by them to.

This support is offered as a supplement for those users who already benefit from the social electricity voucher. Automatically, the beneficiaries of the electricity social voucher will be selected for the thermal social voucher, so users can check in advance, for example, if they meet the requirements of the Endesa social voucher to find out if they are selectable for the good social thermal

To be eligible as a beneficiary, it is necessary to meet only two requirements:

Maintain the electricity contract within the regulated market, i.e. with the PVPC rate, regardless of the gas contract.
Be a beneficiary of the electricity social voucher, that is to say, meet the requirements established to receive this assistance.

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