Pricing Strategy in the Real Estate Market

Pricing Strategy in the Real Estate Market

Pricing Strategy in the Real Estate Market

Is it advisable to set a higher initial price to negotiate during the sale?

In the world of real estate brokerage, one of the most debated strategies is whether or not to set a higher initial price to leave room for negotiation during the sale of a property. This practice, although common, raises several questions and can have several implications for both the seller and the buyer. In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of this strategy and why it's generally best to set a realistic price from the start.

The Psychology of Price

The price of a property is not just a number; It carries a significant psychological burden for both the buyer and the seller. A high asking price could deter potential buyers, who might perceive the property as out of reach or simply overpriced. On the other hand, some sellers believe that a high price will give them a wider negotiating margin, allowing them to obtain a final price closer to the desired one.

The Importance of a Realistic Price

Setting a realistic price from the beginning has numerous advantages. First, it increases the likelihood of attracting genuinely interested buyers. A fair price in line with the market attracts those buyers who are looking in that price range and know the value of what they are looking for. Additionally, a realistic price can speed up the sales process by reducing the need for lengthy negotiations and price adjustments.

The Risk of Overvaluing

Setting an initial price too high can backfire. An overpriced property tends to remain on the market longer, which can generate a negative perception among buyers. Additionally, the longer a property remains unsold, the more likely potential buyers are to assume that something is wrong with it or that the seller is desperate, which could lead them to make lower offers.

The Negotiation Strategy

Although setting a higher price might seem like a good strategy to leave room for negotiation, this tactic can result in fewer offers. Buyers today are better informed and have numerous tools to compare prices. If they perceive the price to be unreasonably high, they may not even consider the property.

Market Assessment

To establish a competitive and realistic price, it is essential to conduct a thorough market analysis. This includes evaluating similar properties in the area, understanding current market trends, and considering factors such as location, condition of the property, and any unique features it might have. At our agency, we conduct detailed market analysis and property evaluations to ensure our prices reflect true value and attract serious buyers.

Buyer Confidence

A realistic price also helps build confidence in buyers. When they see that a property is fairly valued, they feel more comfortable making an offer. This trust is essential to establishing a positive relationship between buyers and sellers, which can facilitate the negotiation process.

Sales Speed

Another factor to consider is the speed of sale. A high price can prolong the time the property remains on the market. Instead, a fair price can result in a faster sale, which is especially important for sellers who need to liquidate their property within a certain time frame.


In conclusion, although the temptation to set a higher initial price to leave room for negotiation is understandable, it is generally more beneficial to set a realistic price from the beginning. Not only does this attract more serious buyers, but it can also speed up the sales process and create a relationship of trust and transparency with buyers. At our agency, we focus on conducting detailed market evaluations to set prices that reflect the true value of the properties, thus facilitating an efficient and satisfactory sales process for all parties involved.

In the end, the key is finding a balance between an attractive price for the market and one that reflects the fair value of the property. This requires knowledge of the local market, experience in the sector and, above all, a clear understanding of the client's needs and expectations. At our agency, we are committed to offering this level of service and knowledge, ensuring that both buyers and sellers feel supported and satisfied throughout the entire buying and selling process.

Setting the right price from the beginning is not only an effective strategy for selling properties

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